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Oxine (AH) Water Treatment

Kills Dangerous Pathogens in Farm Animals' Drinking Water

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I have spent over twenty years putting together a group of products that I am proud to offer my customers. To a line of quality microbial feed additives I have added manure handling systems, cow care products & equipment, calf  raising facilities including buildings & hutches. I have products that are designed for beef, dairy, equine, pork and veal. I have microbial products that can be used with all species of livestock.


I will work with you to design and develop facilities that are economical and efficient. My systems are environmentally and neighborhood friendly. 


I have researched every product I sell and am confident that each one will perform to your satisfaction.


If you are starting new, improving/expanding or trying to solve problems I have expertise and products that will meet your needs.

Quality Microbial Feed Supplements For All Species Of Livestock.

Microbial Products That Really Work!

Prima Yeast  * Bio-Til * Til-Prime Lac * Pro-Innoc * Pro Calf Aid  

 Swine Pro-Tech W/S

"Manure Microbes"


Inoculant for use on all forages,

high moisture corn,

high moisture ground ear corn, hay

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Phone: 937-693-3527    Cell Phone: 937-441-6819   Email