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The entire line  CBM Electronic Lightings fixtures and accessories is manufactured in North America.  These fixtures are UL listed and ideal for livestock barns, hog barns, poultry houses, milking parlors, USDA regulated food processing facilities, warehouses, schools, department stores, or any other application requiring controlled, superior lighting.

Available for your needs are fluorescent and LED fixtures, as well as accompanying control items, as needed.  All are available as dimmable or non-dimmable.   In fluorescents, your choices are:  2-foot, 4-foot, or 8-foot fixture;

T-5 or T-8,  bulbs; 1-bulb up to 9-bulbs;  with or without reflectors; and various dimming combinations.  Customizing the fluorescent fixtures has catapulted  them to our product in highest demand. 

As the cream-of-the-crop in fluorescents, we have the HB67 fixture.  In addition to providing optimum lighting, there are advantages never before offered by a lighting fixture.  With a UL listing of IP67,  it is waterproof.  It can be submerged to 4 feet.  It can be power-washed with up to 2000 PSI.  Our new HB67, T5 fixture operates at maximum efficiency from -22F degrees to 190F degrees.  Using a T5 High Output, 51 Watt bulb, you achieve the same lumens as with a 54 Watt bulb.  The lifetime of the bulbs has been improved to 30,000+ hours (warranty is given by bulb manufacturer).  All these are immediate energy and cost savings.  The fixtures have a 5-year warranty.  The ballasts have a 7-year warranty.  This will save you (replacement) money year after year.  Many electrical power providers and/or government municipalities are offering rebates to those replacing older inefficient fixtures with the new energy-efficient fixtures.  This is an attractive 'down payment' for the new fixtures.  

For dairy farms, there is one more BIG point of interest.  Not only will you save money with our fixtures, you can also increase your milk production.  This is a win-win situation for you.  Using the long day-lighting practice, you should see a milk increase of 5-7 pounds daily per cow.  We base our configurations and recommendations on information from experts such as Dr. John Smith of Kansas State, Dr. Geoff Dahl of University of Florida, and Dr. Henry Classen of University of Saskatchewan.

  CBM has designed and is offering an in-line filter to eliminate electro-magnetic interference caused by high frequency lighting.  This is an invaluable tool for the dairy farmer whose cows have experienced stray voltage shocks.

BALLAST WARRANTY:  CBM now has a 7-year warranty on T-5 ballasts.  This is a first in the lighting industry.  It is one more indicator of the foresight and ingenuity that keeps CBM at the front of the pack.


As indicated above, the T-5 has been the leader in the lighting industry for a few years now.  With any manufactured item, improvements continually come about.  Lighting is no different.  If your lighting application requires at least 12 hours per day, you may want to seek something even better than the T-5.  CBM Electronic Lighting is proud to offer and introduce you to our newest commodity.......


LEDs, in addition to offering the same configurations as fluorescent fixtures, also are available in wall packs, flood lights, high bays, street lights, and retro-fit bulbs.  LEDs may also be controlled by various means/equipment.  They may be used for the same applications as fluorescent fixtures
LEDs are an excellent choice for long-day lighting dairy farms.  You will have a milk increase and an energy cost decrease  The best of both variables!  Many of our customers have re-lighted their operations with LED fixtures.  We have had feedback of 50-70% savings on their electric bills. 


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