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Oxine is a highly refined blend of Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide. Oxine destroys microorganisms by chemically oxidizing their molecular components. Oxine combined with its activator provides a controlled release of ClO2.

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ProOxine® (AH) 

Oxine® (AH)

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Oxine used at 500ppm will kill most viruses, bacteria's, molds  and funguses.

Oxine does not poison, it disrupts the food chain for viruses, molds, bacteria's, funguses by oxidation and they are not able to change their DNA to resist Oxine's action

Oxine works best when activated with citric acid.



Oxine® (AH)

Oxine & Pro Oxine (AH) Water Treatment
Use Oxine to treat the drinking water in your poultry, dairy, or swine barns. Oxine and Pro Oxine are certified as Organic by OMRI. EPA certifies this organic animal product to kill all E. coli and salmonella in the water at a 3 ppm solution. With Oxine, your farm animals won't pass along dangerous pathogens in their eggs or meat.

DIRTY WATER LINES:  Pro Oxine will clean and purify your water lines.

Choose 1 of 2 systems to inject Oxine into the drinking water—manual or automatic.

 Manual—Mix the Proportion of Product to Water, Pour into Solution Tank, & Add to water with a injection pump
Automation System—We have systems that will mix and inject the Oxine into the water line.  

Oxine works great in keeping water lines free of rust and sulfur and makes water taste great.